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If you experience an emergency in your home, you must act quickly.

If you smell gas and suspect there’s a leak, turn off all gas appliances, open windows and doors for ventilation and avoid turning on electric switches. Then call TRANSCO immediately on 0800 111 999.

If there’s a loss of electric power, check the fusebox if you have access to it. If you can’t reset a trip switch, or if the problem is more serious, call SCOTTISH POWER on 0845 2727 999.

Water leaks can be very damaging to property and to your own belongings. Should you suffer a burst pipe or another leak, turn off the water supply at the stop cock immediately. (It’s a good idea to make sure you know where this is in advance.)

If the property above is leaking into your flat go upstairs and speak to your neighbour.  If no one is in and the leak is bad, please call the emergency services.

Please inform us of any fault or defect, whether an emergency or a non-urgent matter. We will respond accordingly and keep the landlord fully informed.

Edinburgh Repairs out of hours:

For any urgent maintenance work required that can’t wait until our return, please call
Ryan Ross - 07850562021 Plumbing and gas engineer

Neil - 07905 448 166 - Electrician
Kyle - 07742 860705 - Drainage
KLAS - 07821833442 - Joiner
Red Circle 07759 422 566 up until midnight

If none of these are available, call a reputable plumber immediately.